Hi and Welcome! I am Jen Scott, creator of Flashy Mama.

Photographing weddings and families in South Florida and around the globe is my passion! My goal is to capture the fun, love and personality that is unique to each couple or family. This is where I shine! I offer master level photography skills, business organization and know-how, personalized service, and the drive to give my clients an experience that will exceed their expectations.

I am not just your photographer. I am your resource for your wedding day vendors, wedding timeline planning, wardrobing and color palette coach and final printing and creative display partner. I strongly believe in continued education and am always furthering my craft. I have traveled across the country to study under the best in the wedding and family portrait industry.

Here’s me in a nutshell:
*My family and my photo-passion are everything!!!
*I am a total sucker for love - every kind of love (think of the movie Love Actually, one of my favorites)!
*I WILL cry at your wedding! Not "blubbering mess” cry but more like “I’m a professional working right now but I’m witnessing one of the most important moments of your life and am totally psyched for you” cry.
*Animals - I love our locally adopted dogs (Max and Kona), cats (Luna and Khaleesi) and lizards (Groundon and Zero).
*Travel - Rome, Paris, Munich, California wine country, Hawaii, Cancun, Disney. Luxury hotels to camping, I love it all! And planning each trip is just as fun!
*Halloween - I have dressed up every Halloween ever. Themed books, movies, parties, etc… I’m in and committed!
*Massages are my ultimate relaxation.
*Date Night perfection is pizza and vino, like a nice red with a little kick!
*Music! I love concerts of all kinds and teaching my kids about classic rock, 80’s greats, and 90’s hip hop!
*My Philly roots are deep so a cheesesteak and lager are my favorite guilty pleasures.

Thanks for learning more about me but now it’s your turn! Click on our Contact Page and tell me about you and your vision for your most perfect day!

We can't wait to work with you!

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Disney is my
Happy Place!

I LOVE to watch my son play baseball!

My daughter is a drama queen! Theater lover that is!

My family is my heart!
Happily married to this guy for 14 years!

I love to travel - ANYWHERE - but wine country is the ultimate party!

Halloween! Dress up like you mean it!

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